Give Your Love Away!

Global Effort is up and running. My reminder everyday is “What’s the next first step?”…

Well, that next first step right now is to create a location that will compile links for trustworthy organizations to which you can donate money, services or items for the Haitian Earthquake victims.

It is also a place to post relevant stories (some newsworthy, some just personal)  about serving humanity in the areas of the THREE BASIC NEEDS…Food, Clothing & Shelter. Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti and we keep you in our thoughts & prayers. In addition, we can never overlook the struggles going on in our own communities on a daily basis. There are so many children & families going without the basic necessities of life…take the time to make a difference!

Give of your time, your skills, your money & maybe most important, give your love away (you may be surprised that the more you give away, the more you get)! Take the First Next Step.


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