Nashville Area Charities


We also want to acknowledge some Nashville area organizations who are helping people locally and some in Haiti too. Remember, if we all do our part then no one has to do it all.

Our local helps feed thousands of needy people everyday and can always use money and volunteers. is also a Nashville based charity invloved locally, but also has pledged 1 million shoes for the Haitian earthquake victims.

Please don’t forget the most basic of all,, which provides food for families in need throughout the middle Tennessee area. Many people in our own communities are struggling and going to bed hungry every night.

God Bless!

Charitable Organizations…need your support


Here are a few international organizations who are on the ground in Haiti and putting your money to good use helping the people of Haiti.  Please check out the websites for specifics on which one is right for your donation. – World Food Programme

Please take the time to give what you can. Also, remember that plenty of people in your own community need help every day!!

Give Your Love Away!


Global Effort is up and running. My reminder everyday is “What’s the next first step?”…

Well, that next first step right now is to create a location that will compile links for trustworthy organizations to which you can donate money, services or items for the Haitian Earthquake victims.

It is also a place to post relevant stories (some newsworthy, some just personal)  about serving humanity in the areas of the THREE BASIC NEEDS…Food, Clothing & Shelter. Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti and we keep you in our thoughts & prayers. In addition, we can never overlook the struggles going on in our own communities on a daily basis. There are so many children & families going without the basic necessities of life…take the time to make a difference!

Give of your time, your skills, your money & maybe most important, give your love away (you may be surprised that the more you give away, the more you get)! Take the First Next Step.